Monday, 21 September 2009

Welcome !

La boîte de nuit. This may sound obsolete, but this is how we called a club when I was a kid. A box where you spend the night. I would rather say "boîte de nuit" than "discotheque", which I think is inappropriate. Today people just say "club"...

But let's come to the point. After years in playing abstract groove and providing samples for hip-hop producers, I intend to satisfy your ears by revealing some of the rarest and "clubbiest" tunes of out my collection. Straight funk, dark, minimalist, electroid or cosmic disco, world groove & exotic things, I will try to explore every fields...

Notice that a special option is here dedicated to DJs. For those for want to play the tracks in clubs and parties, I can provide -for a consideration- the sound in very good quality (256Kpbs).

I will upload new tracks very often, feel free to visit anytime you want. And I am, of course, open to suggestions.

Have a good trip !



  1. Nice !
    But I know why she (those girls) never answers (to those boys)
    we all need a bit of boîte de nuit to understand...

  2. Incredible blog! I came here via your interview with Dust & Grooves blog & I love reading what you said in your answers! Keep on blogging good music!

  3. Hey I know this is a pretty old site now but would murder to get some of these tracks in decent quality so get back to me if that is still a possibility!! cheers